How to use social media to get a graduate job

How to use social media to get a graduate job

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I’ve always felt that going through candidates’ social media pages to check on their suitability, presumably on the lookout for drunken snaps, is wholly inappropriate, a bit like rifling through someone’s drawers.

Candidates are entitled to a private life just like anyone else. ‘Stalking’ their Facebook profiles with the express aim of uncovering something unpalatable violates this.

That being said, social media has moved on in recent years and now many graduates are actively engaging with businesses through social media channels.

They’re networking with existing employees of their chosen employers and building their profiles with their career in mind rather than their social life. Digital media has become an essential tool for these digital savvy grads and is now seen by many millennials as a way to ‘build their brand’.

But although many recent grads are wise to the positive effect on career prospects of a well put together LinkedIn profile, there are many other mediums recent graduates can utilise for this purpose.

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